Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sicko strikes Boro Park - again

The pervert from the story posted yesterday has struck Boro Park Brooklyn again. WCBSTV: A man impersonating a cop attempted to lure a little girl into his car Thursday morning at Borough Park. Police from the 66th Precinct responded immediately when the girl ran off and told people a man had tried to get her in his car. The man, as in three past incidents at the park, pretended to be a cop. The park’s Shomrim volunteer patrol responded as well. “About 9:30 today in the morning he struck 12th Avenue and 44th St, tried to stop a girl about 15 or 16 years of age, and tried to get her into the car, which, he wasn’t successful,” Shomrim volunteer Simcha Bernath said. Police released a sketch after the last incident of a man between 20 and 25. However unlike previous incidents where what the suspect looked like and how he flashes a badge all matched, this time, the kind of car was different. Bernath said this car was more whitish in color.
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