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Thursday, May 25, 2006

R' Chaim Levin Shlita - Shiva info

On behalf of Telshe Yeshiva we regretfully inform you of the petira of Rebetzin Jackie Wein. Sister of Maran Rosh HaYeshiva Harov A. C. Levin Shlita. The Rosh HaYeshiva will be sitting shiva at his home 5104 N. Drake until Tuesday morning. Shachris 7:30, Mincha 1:40, Maariv 9:30 Telephone number (773) 583-0209 Please pass this on to all Alumni, Talmidim, & friends. Hamokom Yenachem Eschem Bsoch Shear Aveli Tzion V'Yerushalayim......

Rebbitzen Yocheved Wein - Levaya & Shiva

With enormous sorrow the Wein family tells of the passing of their wife, mother, sister, grandmother, great-grandmother; Rabanit Yocheved 'Jackie' Wein z"l. The funeral will take place Friday morning, May 26, at 10:00am Beit Knesset Hanassi 24 Ussishkin, Jerusalem. [For information call 052-833-9560] Rabbi Berel Wein Shlita will be sitting Shiva in Monsey NY at 51 Briarcliff Drive until Tursday morning, May 31.

Kol Hamikayem Nefesh Achas.....

CJC: Transplant survivor Nachman Shalit, left, of Tel Aviv meets for the first time Mordechai Kliger of Lakewood, N.J., who saved Shalit's life by donating blood stem cells for a transplant facilitated by the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation, at the organization's Sixth Annual Partners for Life Gala in New York. The Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation is internationally recognized for facilitating bone marrow, blood stem cell and umbilical cord blood transplants for patients around the world. Through targeted recruitment in Jewish communities, Gift of Life has significantly improved the chances that Jewish patients will find genetically matched donors for life-saving transplants.

Fox News Mussar Shmooze

Fox News has an amazing video on line now. In the words of the person who emailed it to me (J.L.) "it's a Mussar Shmooze from Fox News about the Internet". Click HERE to view it.

Yom Yerushalayim

INN is reporting that more than half a million people are celebrating Jerusalem Unification Day, and the annual parade and street dancing are talking place at this hour. Later Thursday evening, singers and entertainers will appear, and the Rav Kook Yeshiva will hold its annual thanksgiving event, celebrating the reunification of the city in 1967. CLICK HERE to watch a LIVE video.

Shelo Hakodosh's Tefillah

Here is the Tefillah of the Sheloh Hakodosh. It is a Minhag to recite it every year on Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan. [That is really Sunday, but today is Yom Kippur Kattan & should be said today]. It is a Segulah that ones children grow up in the Derech Hatorah etc....CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE TEFILLAH (LN:)

Gedolim trip in Pics #8

Reb Shteinman Shlita in Argentina on Tuesday. Pictures are of: 1) The crowd waiting 2) R' Shteinman at "Bais Haknesses Shuba Israel" 3) The River Microstadium. [Thanks to the person who was kind enough to email Yeshivaworld.]

Open letter to Crown Heights

CHN: My Dear Friends & Neighbors:Please hear me out, don’t throw this away – I realize there are many papers arriving at your door daily nevertheless I ask PLEASE HEAR ME OUT? Several people in this community have caused housing to skyrocket by FLIPPING real estate!! They buy houses from long time residents and flip the homes for astronomical profits. They compete with other members of the schunah for the sole purpose of flipping for a huge profit! Years ago when a friend or neighbor was looking for a house and we knew of one we were thrilled to pass on the information. Today unfortunately there are yungelight canvassing the neighborhood for available homes so they can FLIP for profits ranging from $50,000 to $380,000. Once ‘Mr. Roberts’ becomes aware of the price his new neighbor paid he will seek the same or more.There is NO excuse for this shameful greed! This is not like selling a container of milk for a higher price. This cannot be considered “regular business practice”. If one merchant in the neighborhood sells an item for a higher price then there is always an option of going to another shop. The same is not true with housing. If a Lubavitcher wants to buy a house in his or her schunah there is no other schunah to shop in. Obviously not the same as the guy selling milk or potatoes.Therefore to excuse oneself with the warped logic that it is business like any is totally unacceptable.Some of you are reading and thinking “oye, what’s it my business” either because you already have a house or you have no intention of buying one. You are so wrong! It is your business! Yungelight are buying houses at these inflated prices because they have growing families and need a place to live. However, they can hardly make the monthly payments. Each mortgage payment becomes a huge struggle.Eventually this filters down to many of you. The one struggling cannot pay tuition for their kinderlach. The grocer, butcher, baker etc are not getting paid so they in turn cannot pay their tuition and suppliers (many of which are from this schunah also). This financial drain and strain filters into many more areas than you can imagine. Marriages are suffering and children are not getting the attention they NEED and DESERVE! THAT IS WHY YOU CANNOT SAY “WHAT’S IT MY BUSINESS”!Years ago Machne Israel wanted to buy three private houses behind 770. They offered between $200,000 and $300,000 to the owners – then a well known gevir with the best of intentions offered more money and the Rebbe did not allow it. The Rebbe did not want to start this trend of paying exorbitant prices for housing. Not because the Rebbe was overly frugal ch’v, the Rebbe was very realistic and practical. Now we have the so called Chassidim causing the very difficulties the Rebbe looked to avoid. The FLIPPING must stop and each one of you should shun those committing this selfish -disgraceful practice!Ask the flippers if they have been donating some of this BLOOD MONEY to the Mosdos that are all suffering as a result of their selfishness. Remember – the Melamdim and teachers who are with your kinderlach for many hours each day are suffering from this and their money worries detracts from their quality of teaching. If teachers get paid – their worries are eliminated and in turn this filters down and benefits the students. The flipping problem IS YOUR BUSINESS and BUYING from FLIPPERS must be STOPPED! My best regards, Shimshon Stock.

Israel's first underwater museum

Israel has opened its first underwater museum. Read about it HERE:

Wife of Rabbi Berel Wein A"H

AS: Jackie Wein of blessed memory, the wife of Rabbi Berel Wein, passed away Wednesday night in Jerusalem. The funeral procession will depart on Friday at 10am from the Hanasi Synagogue on 24 Ushishkin St. in Jerusalem's Rechavia neighborhood. She will be interred in the Mount of Olives cemetery.Mrs. Wein underwent a minor surgical procedure on Wednesday and passed away later at night. The death came as a shock to her family.Jackie Wein was born in Lithuania and grew up in Detroit, Michigan. She married Rabbi Berel Wein 51 years ago. They established their home in Chicago, moving later to Miami Beach and then to Monsey. In 1994, the Weins made aliya to Jerusalem.

Absolutely sickening

Ynet: Hamas has found a new way to try and cope with its financial crisis - by auctioning off items of clothing which belonged to dead terrorists. A broadcast on Arab TV news network al-Jazeera, translated and made available by MEMRI , shows a Hamas auctioneer, flanked by other Hamas members, trying to sell off the cloths to the highest bidder.

Israel - Large fire

INN: Firefighters are concerned that a blaze that broke out in Moshav S’dei Eliezer in the Upper Galilee may spread to area homes. Firefighters are working to bring the blaze under control, working against very difficult hot and dry conditions.

Yeshiva Dorm under questioning

EX: The yeshiva students' use of a local residence has prompted questions from borough officials. During its May 15 meeting, Borough Council members heard from Housing Officer Edward Goetzmann, who has looked into the use by Yeshiva Me'on Hatorah students of the house at 53 N. Rochdale Ave. The yeshiva is located in the borough on Homestead Lane. Goetzmann said he recently received phone calls about the use of the North Rochdale property from Mayor Beth Battel and resident Bert Ellentuck,among others. He said he has seen yeshiva students traveling up and down Rochdale Avenue and going in and out of the house. "There are more people there than there should be," he said. Goetzmann said he has notified the property owner, Paul Brottman, who is in the hospital, about the matter. "The question is, what is the building being used for?" Goetzmann asked. Phone calls to Yeshiva Me'on Hatorah Vice President Josh Pruzansky went unanswered. Goetzmann said Brottman had previously called him to say he had a new tenant who wanted to move into the home quickly. An inspection of the home only turned up a few minor problems, none of which is dangerous, according to Goetzmann. After inspecting the property, Goetzmann told Brottman he could issue a "permissible continuing occupancy" permit. He said he made it clear to Brottman and to Rabbi Yisroel Eisenberg, of the yeshiva, that the house is zoned as a single-family occupancy dwelling. He also said the rabbi is somehow related to the tenants. According to Goetzmann, there are no sprinklers in the house. But if the house is being used as a boarding home, he said, it would need to have them.......He also said the residence may have changed from a single-family home into a house where 12-14 boys sleep each night. He said the state considers a boarding home any place where five unrelated persons over the age of 2 1/2 live together.

Chareidim taking over?

According to an article on Ynet, the Chareidim in Yerushalayim are taking control of one neighborhood at a time.... Read the complete article HERE.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Neturei Karta at their finest

When will all the leading Gedolim, Rebbes, Rabonim & Community Leaders get together and come out with a STRONG PUBLIC statement against Neturei Karta? Let's let the world know that WE have nothing to do with them! They DON'T represent ANYTHING that TRUE JEWS represent.

Crown Heights VIDEO

I found this video about Crown Heights on Google-Video. Enjoy!

Let them kill each other!

INN is reporting that the senior Fatah-led Preventative Security Force officer Nabil Hudhud was killed in a blast in Gaza. Sources report the blast seems to have been the work of rival Hamas terrorists.

Talking fish?

Remember the (baloney) story of the "talking fish"? Well apparantly it's now been seen floating around in the Indian Ocean preaching for Islam! Read about it HERE:

Olmert's speech to Congress

"I come to the home of democracy in order to tell you that the dream of my parents has only been partially fulfilled. We succeeded in establishing a Jewish and democratic state, but we have not enjoyed even a single day of quiet. Ever since the foundation of the state, we are in a constant, daily battle, which is only getting more fierce and more cruel, against the suicide bombers. But today we are not alone. Unfortunately, America, Europe and the entire world is under the same threat."

IDF escapes with their lives

Ynet: Four Palestinians were killed Wednesday afternoon in an IDF operation in Ramallah. An IDF soldier was lightly wounded by stones hurled and him and was evacuated to hospital for medical treatment. IDF troops entered the city in the afternoon to arrest Mohammad Shubaki, the Islamic Jihad leader in Qalqiliya. The army said gunmen opened fire at troops while Palestinian youths hurled stones and Molotov cocktails.Soldiers fired rounds in the air to disperse the crowd. Three of four identified gunmen were killed when the soldiers returned fire, and the fourth one died from his wounds later on..... Officers praised the successful arrest of Shubaki, who they said had planned a terror attack in Israel. He was taken into interrogation by security forces. Following the arrest, the forces left the city. -------------------------------------------------- Arutzsheva: IDF ground forces rushed into the city to rescue the embattled unit. Hundreds of Arabs attacked the army reinforcements and chased them as they drove away from the square. One soldier was lightly wounded from a rock thrown at him during the clash. Four Arabs were killed and some 30 injured in the battle, according to Haaretz. IDF troops arrested. The demonstrators continued to riot after the unit pulled out of the city...

Misspent funds in Lakewood

Read THIS article in today's Asbury Park Press about funds that were misspent.

Manischewitz partners with Rokeach ?

BW: R.A.B. Food Group, LLC and Rokeach Food Corporation announced today that R.A.B. Food Group has purchased substantially all of the assets and assumed certain specified liabilities of the privately held Rokeach. The Rokeach brands include, among others, Rokeach(R), Mothers'(R), Mrs. Adler's(R) and Mishpacha(R). Rokeach is also the exclusive importer and distributor of Elite Confectionary products. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Richard A. Bernstein, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of R.A.B. Holdings, Inc., R.A.B. Food Group's parent said, "The acquisition compliments our company's other food brands and is an exciting growth opportunity. Together with our existing brands we will be a far stronger factor in the ethnic food business, a better resource to our retailers and a complete source of superior ethnic products to our consumers." R.A.B. Food Group's President and CEO Jeremy J. Fingerman indicated that the "acquisition of Rokeach fits perfectly with our strategic intent to be America's Preferred Specialty Foods Company. It will permit us to broaden our portfolio of category leading brands, which are preferred by consumers and retailers alike. Our products will now be found not only in mainstream supermarkets but also independent kosher food stores. We are extremely excited about this opportunity to increase our product portfolio and grow our brands and categories." Through its R.A.B. Food Group, LLC subsidiary, R.A.B. Holdings, Inc. manufactures and markets Manischewitz(R), Horowitz Margareten(R), Goodman's(R), Asian Harvest(R), Season(R) and Guiltless Gourmet(R) brand products. R.A.B. Food Group's B. Manischewitz Company is a 118 year old branded food manufacturer and is the nation's largest manufacturer of processed kosher food products including matzos, noodles, crackers, cakes, cookies, soups and processed fish products.....

Chareidi work force - rising

Ynet: The number of ultra-Orthodox employed in the industry sector in Jerusalem has grown by 40 percent in the last two years, chairman of the Jerusalem branch at the Manufacturers Association of Israel (MAI), Ran Tuttnauer said. Some 2,200 haredi men and women are currently employed in 300 factories across the capital, a figure representing a 500 percent rise over the last six years. Tuttnauer added that an inspection conducted by the MAI in Jerusalem revealed that Orthodox are mainly employed as computer programmers at hi-tech factories, and that at most plants they comprise 2-10 percent of the workforce......

Israeli Hummus is number 1

Ynet: The British Independent newspaper chose the Tsabar hummus brand as the best in a taste test conducted by the newspaper's weekend magazine. Six hummus manufacturers participated in the taste test, five of them supermarket chain brands: Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Sainsbury, Waitrose, and Morrison's.The Tsabar hummus, marketed under the brand name "Jordan Sabra" received the highest score: 4.5 stars. Marks and Spencer, known for their successful food department, was awarded 3 stars, while Tesco's hummus only got 2 stars......Tsabar is owned by the Israeli food giant Osem. Its annual exports to Britain total USD 2.5 million and it continues in its efforts to gain a larger market share in Europe, Canada, and Australia. The hummus is manufactured at the company's new plant in the southern Israeli town of Kiryat Gat, and is marketed in Britain by the Tesco and Sainsbury chains.............

Israel - Shopping on Shabbos

INN: Shopping on Saturday has declined sharply and now makes up only four percent of weekly sales, as opposed to six percent two years ago, Globes Business reported. Stores in one shopping mall in Be'er Sheva have closed their doors on Saturday after the initial novelty worn off when they first opened up on Saturday.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Belgium's fading diamond market

The Belgian city of Antwerp has the largest diamond market in the world. Orthodox Jews controlled the trade for centuries, but now globalization has seen them displaced by dealers hailing from India....Read the story HERE:

Black Umbrella Protest

Arutzsheva: A demonstration against Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's transfer plan for the Jews of Judea and Samaria is set for 18:00 opposite the US Consulate on Jerusalem’s Agron Street, timed to coincide with the meeting between Olmert and President George W. Bush. The meeting is Olmert’s first in the White House since being elected to office. Participants in the protest are being requested to bring black umbrellas as a reminder of Britain’s Neville Chamberlain, who returned from his 1939 meeting with Adolph Hitler and boasted of bringing peace “in our generation”, after giving ceding part of Czechoslovakia to its Nazi German neighbor.

Knesset - Free Pollard!

Arutzsheva: MK Uri Ariel has sent a petition to the prime minister’s entourage in the United States calling for the release of Jonathan Pollard. The petition bears 77 signatures from Knesset members. MKs from the Arab parties, the Pensioners’ party and most of Kadima refused to sign.In an accompanying letter, Ariel, who heads the lobby to release Pollard, wrote, “I was asked by the Knesset members who have signed the enclosed petition, to appeal to the president of the United States to release the prisoner Jonathan Pollard.”He added that, “77 Knesset members from all parties have signed the petition, and we are sure that this issue is also close to your heart. Please pass on this petition to President Bush in your upcoming meeting.”

Bobov - Lag Baomer

This is a video that was taken this past Lag Baomer in Bobov. The Bobover Rebbe first speaks & it is followed by dancing.

Kever Yosef Hatzadik - staying closed

INN: In an unusual move, the IDF will not allow Jews into Yosef’s Tomb in Shechem for the 41st day of the Omer, which is the sefirah of Yosef, Yesod Shebeyesod. Usually, hundreds of Jews flock to the tomb to pray there every year on that date...

Terrorist nabbed

Ynet: In a joint operation overnight Tuesday, an elite Border Guard unit assisted by the Shin Bet and the IDF, nabbed a Hamas top fugitive and military commander in the West Bank.Security officials say Ibrahim Hamed, wanted by Israel since 1998, is responsible for the killings of dozens of Israelis and foreign nationals in suicide attacks in Israel......Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter praised the Shin Bet, the IDF and the Border Guard for "arresting the arch-terrorist, who has been labeled the 'Mohammad Deif' of the territories." Dichter said 96 civilians were killed in terror attacks planned by Hamed.

Israeli conversion crisis

Haaretz: Fears of a historic rift between the Chief Rabbinate and Orthodox rabbis overseas have been sparked by the Chief Rabbinate's recent decision not to recognize conversions and divorce decrees (gets) by most Orthodox rabbis abroad. The Rabbinate confirmed that rabbinic courts in Israel have been instructed not to recognize conversions and gets authorized by overseas rabbis until those rabbis pass Rabbinate exams in Israel. This means that Jews who underwent an Orthodox conversion abroad will have to convert again in Israel in order to be recognized as Jews by rabbinic courts. Jewish women who received a get overseas and wish to remarry in Israel will have to ask their ex-husbands for another get if the first one was approved by Orthodox rabbis not recognized by the Rabbinate.........Under the new policy, Diaspora rabbis must be examined by a special rabbinic court panel appointed by the Chief Rabbinate Council for their conversions and gets to be recognized. Rabbis seeking recognition for their gets are required, in addition to the exam, to attend a brief training program in which they join the deliberations at rabbinic courts and learn how to register gets. The Rabbinate will still continue to recognize conversions and gets by a group of some 50 senior Orthodox rabbis around the world. These rabbis, whose names appear on a list prepared several years ago by previous chief rabbis, will not be required to take the exams.

Bill Gates learning GEMORAH?

Arutzsheva: Microsoft founder Bill Gates recently sent representatives to Bnei Brak to learn methods of the Gemora, the oral law which is studied at yeshivas, according to the Hebrew publication Day-to-Day. Microsoft officials visited the Achia yeshiva following Gates's interest.The yeshiva was offered the option of Microsoft's investing in a computer program on Torah and the Talmud.

Iran's President to learn Torah?!

This man is truly deranged. Yahoo: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of the Islamic Republic of Iran' name has applied for an online MBA course in Jewish studies.......This new twist in Iran's confrontation with the Jewish State was learned on May 15th 2006, from Adam Goldberg, the CEO of When contacted about this situation, Mr. Golderg said the following, "I was informed by our technical department about an unusual email regarding the President of Iran. The email was a direct inquiry about our Online Jewish Studies MBA. I thought this was a joke, and told them to delete the email. However, my CIO decided to trace the IP address. Sure enough, it was actually from Iran!". Mr. Goldberg immediately contacted the Foreign Affairs Department of the Israeli Government. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has recently made comments questioning Israel's right to exist. It is unclear whether Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be accepted to this MBA program.........

Monday, May 22, 2006

Gedolim trip in Pics #7

Rav Shteinman in Mexico:

Artscroll goes to Israel

DV: Artscroll is launching a sales campaign in Israel for all of its books through heavy advertising in the press, in botei knesses and via direct mail. The company has already distributed over 120,000 brochures in the form of newspaper inserts in the Hebrew editions of Yated Ne'eman and Hamodia as well as samples in botei knesses. The company plans to focus its marketing efforts on the Schottenstein Edition of the gemora, considered the Jewish publishing project on the largest scale (over 15 years and running), with the greatest investment (total cost of over $20 million) and the highest demand (about 20,000 copies of each volume are sold) ever. The new Compact Size Edition is a precise replica of the Full Size Edition designed to make available a more lighter, portable version to complement the home edition. The new entirely Hebrew siddur, Ner Naftoli, is also being heavily marketed. Sales have been brisk in Chutz La'aretz and now an Israeli edition has been published based on the halochos and customs practiced in Eretz Yisroel. To promote sales, 1,000 copies of the siddur have been distributed for free at selected locations around the country, including 150 at the Kosel Maarovi, 70 at Beis Knesses Itzkovitz in Bnei Brak and dozens at Beis Haknesses Hagodol. The advertising account has been handed over to Chen Advertising, which has worked with Artscroll for years. According to Chen Advertising some $150,000 will be invested in advertising over the coming months.

Jewish suicide bombers?!!

Ynet: Thirty five Jews volunteered to carry out suicide attacks against Israel in the service of an Islamic terrorist organization, claimed the head of an Iranian terrorist organization, "The Committee for the Commemoration of the Martyrs of the Global Islamic Campaign." Members of the organization said that they planned to send the terrorists to Israel via Britain. The Mahar news agency reported that the terror chief, Faruz Rajai-Far, told a Teheran conference that the organization's website registered 55,000 volunteers from all over the world to carry out suicide bombings. The volunteers, he claimed, included 35 Jews who don't live in Iran, as well as a number of Christians and other citizens. At the same time, the organization's website has been taken down, and cannot be viewed............

Boruch Hashem!!

JTA: The first woman ordained as a rabbi in the United States is retiring. Sally Priesand will give up her post next month at Monmouth Reform Temple in New Jersey and become rabbi emerita. Priesand was ordained by the Reform movement’s seminary, the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, in 1972. “I didn’t follow this course to become a pioneer or to champion women’s rights,” she recently told the New Jersey Jewish News. “I simply wanted to be a teacher of Judaism. That was my motivation.....

Lipa for Oorah on the Radio

This is in refrence to Friday's post

British Rabbi gets attacked!

HG: A religious leader has told how a racist teenage gang attacked him like a "pack of hyenas."Rabbi Alan Shelton, 58, of Clapton Common, Upper Clapton, was punched to the ground and kicked by up to 15 yobs.They took off his religious headgear and threw it to the floor during the ferocious attack in Craven Park Road, Stamford Hill. "It happened so quickly," said rabbi Shelton. "I was walking home alone when 15 youths turned the corner and crossed over the road towards me. "I did not run because nothing like this has happened to me before, but suddenly fists were flying and three or four of them pushed me over."I was lying on the floor and they were kicking me. They were like hyenas surrounding me in the dark."Rabbi Shelton was walking home last Friday after having a meal with friends in Tottenham.The teenagers, aged between 15 and 17 years old, attacked him at around 11.25pm. No arrests have been made.An ambulance crew took Rabbi Shelton to Homerton University Hospital, where he was treated for a broken collarbone and severe bruising.Haringey police are investigating the incident, which took place on the borough border.A spokesman said: "We are treating this as a racially motivated attack and we are appealing for any witnesses to come forward."Stamford Hill has one of the largest Hasidic Jewish populations in Europe....

Yeshivaworld in the NEWS!

From todays Times Herald Record!! ROL: Unorthodox biography Talk feels compelled to give a tip of the, um, black hat to the Yeshiva World blog, which can be found at This nameless blogger has got a lot of chutzpah, opening a warts-and-all window onto the world of the orthodox Hasidim who live in the Orange County community of Kiryas Joel, as well as Brooklyn, Rockland County and Israel. During last month's funeral services for Grand Rebbe Moses Teitelbaum, Yeshiva World provided a translation of the words that prompted a fist fight between members of two KJ factions in the village's main synagogue: A member of one faction was urging his followers to "break their bones!" That's not all. Last week, Yeshiva World linked to a Jewish wire-service report citing a 35 percent surge in the amount of beer-drinking among the ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel.

R' Mattisyahu Salomon visits Ohio

Harav Matisyohu Salomon Shlita was in Beachwood, Ohio speaking for the Yad Chaim Mordechai Kollel, directed by the Rosh Kollel Rav Yankel Velvel Katz, Son of the Telzer Rosh Hayeshiva Harav Mottel Katz Zt"l. The Kollel opened 10 years ago and b"h has close to 100 baalei batim learning every night. There are over 200 different baalei batim that learn there during the week. There are 16 full time avreichim headed by the Rosh Kollel, Rav Yankel Velvel Katz and the Rosh Chabura Rav Alexander Charlop. In the past years, the Kollel has brought in Rav Rueven Feinstein, Rav Malkiel Kotler, Rav Yissocher Frand, Rav Aharon Feldman and other Roshei Yeshiva, Shlita. The evening began with close to forty people making siyumim on different mesechtos that were learned during the year. Rav Matisyohu Shlita began by saying how overwhelmed he was by the atmosphere of Torah in the air and how tangible it was. He commented that he normally doesnt say his own peshotim, but he couldnt find any pshat on the significance of the eshan mikivshan, the smoke ofrom a furnace that klal yisroel witnesses by Har Sinai. He suggested that it was the Ribbomo shel oilam giving testimony that there will be Torah after the smoke of WW2. His main message was from his Rebbe, Reb Leib Gurwitz, the RY of Gateshead. The Midrash says that Hashem asked all the nations if they wanted the Torah and they all first asked: "what is in it"? Hashem answered to each of them something that was their weakest charachteristic and they had to refuse. Klal Yisroel said "Naaseh V'nishma." The Ribbono Shel Oilam was impressed and said "Mi Gila Raz zeh"? Who revealed this secret to them? Only the angels can say we will do even without knowing what it is that will be required of them. Reb Leib asked an extremely penetrating question. If klal yisroel would have asked, what is in the Torah, what would Hashem have answered us? What is our weakest charchteristic? The answer, he claimed is the Possuk "Lo Selech Rochil B'amecha." Don't be Oiver the Issur of Rechilus and Loshon Hora. Could we have claimed that we will not speak one word of loshon horah? The answer is that we had one secret. While it is true that each nation could not have kept that particular Mitzva and Klal Yisroel as well - that is with the capibilities that they had at the time. However, with the acceptance of the Torah, Hashem gave us those abilities to overcome these desires and then things which we thought were impossible will become possible and even Geshmak. This comes with a true commitment and only if none makes a serious and honost commitment. This is what the Yom Tov of Shavuos is about. (Thanks to our Ohio Reporter for gathering this information!)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Antisemitic Democrat

WTVM: The Alabama Democratic Party decided today it won't kick attorney general candidate Larry Darby off the primary ballot. The party labeled Darby's views offensive and bizarre, but it said it's too late to remove him from the ballot because absentee ballots are already being cast.The party began reviewing Darby's candidacy after he disputed the Holocaust and the death of millions of Jews. He has also associated with groups tied to racism. Darby called the Democratic Party's leadership "morally challenged" and said the party never contacted him before issuing the statement. Darby is a Montgomery attorney who founded the Atheist Law Center. He faces Mobile County District Attorney John Tyson in the primary election June sixth.

Monsey - New townhouses?

TJN: The very real sounds of revitalization may soon be heard throughout the village's downtown. Alan Gestetner, president of Monsey-based Cole Development Corp., who has proposed building a three-story structure with 62 townhouses and a community center at North Main Street and Maple Avenue, said he plans to start demolition in the summer. "No later than August," he said yesterday. The village board, which approved the $15 million housing development as part of its overall urban renewal effort, agreed last week to transfer a former bathhouse on Maple Avenue to Cole to be demolished, The four-bedroom townhouses are expected to cost $300,000 to $350,000 each. The proposal also includes a 7,000-square-foot commercial component and feature two horseshoe-shaped buildings facing Memorial Park. The entrance would be on Lawler Boulevard. Gestetner has vowed to provide space for Little Angels Day Care Center, which operates on the site, either at the new development or elsewhere in the village. "We're definitely going to hold them to that promise," said Mercy Anim, the day care's director........

Lakewood - Woman saety class

Chacham Ovadia - Free Pollard!

Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef has called on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to press the American government to release Jonathan Pollard from prison, where he is serving a life sentence for passing on to Israel classified information, Arutzsheva is reporting. The plea was delivered in a letter submitted to the Prime Minister by Shas party leader Eli Yishai. "I have received information that [Pollard's] health is deteriorating," the rabbi wrote. "We are forbidden to remain deaf. Redeeming captured [Jews] is an important mitzvah."


Chabad gets to put tefillin on a pilot.

Gedolim trip in Pics #6

Some pictures of the Neturei Karta THUGS who are demonstraiting at the Torah Umisorah Convention.

R' Moshe Shapiro - Shiur in NJ

On Sunday, May 21, Rav Moshe Shapiro, Shlit"a of Yerushalaym is speaking in Bergenfield at Congregation Beth Abraham. The shiur will take place, in Hebrew, at Congregation Beth Abraham ( at 7:30 PM. 396 New Bridge Rd, Bergenfield, NJ, 07621 Tel: 201-384-0434

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Gedolim trip 2006 - Part 9

Shabbos in Monsey: Reb Shteinman Shlita arrived in monsey at approximately 4:00 pm on Friday afternoon. He immediately had a Minyan for Mincha. Kabolas Shabbos was at 8:10 followed by Maariv at 9:10. There was a "packed-house" by Maariv and everyone had a chance to wish him a Good Shabbos; and many had the chance to ask for personal brachos as well. Shabbos morning he Davened at Netz, and Shachris started at 4:40 am; again with a "packed-house". There was a Kabolas Ponim at 1:30 pm which he met with people. Mincha was at 6:00 pm and everyone was singing "Yomim" on the way from the guest house that he was staying in, to the main house. There were a group of about 15 neturei karta people, that were screaming "nachal chardei... Tzioni...". A police officer passing the area, saw a protest and stopped by and spoke with the owner of the house, and he said as long as none of the protesters enter his property, he doesn't really care.There were 4 police officers, and one of them was recording the entire incident. Nothing happened. After an hour of yelling on top of their lungs they left singing "b'derech hatorah neilech vkadash esshem shomayim". At 7:30 there was another Kabolas Ponim for people to get brachos and meet with him. At 8:30 there was a Chumash Shiur followed by Maariv at 9:30. [The info on the Gerrer Rebbe's Shabbos in Toronto will be posted later.]