Thursday, May 04, 2006

Petach Tikvah Shul desecrated

Ynet: Worshippers who arrived on Thursday morning to pray in the Great Synagogue in Petah Tikva were shocked to discover that the synagogue was broken into and the walls, arc and even a Torah book were spayed with swastikas. The worshipers called the police who initiated an investigation and dispatched the Forensics Division to help and possibly identify the perpetrators. Back in March another synagogue in Petah Tikva was desecrated.Yaakov Pelhaimer, who prays in the synagogue and is also a member of the city council, said: "What they have done is no longer an act of hatred, but insanity. Several people broke into the synagogue and desecrated the place with swastikas and wrote 'Hitler'. I'm not talking about one caption but a lot of graffiti. There is even one writing we can't decipher and it seems that it has to do with Satan's cult.......This scene is beyond horrifying; desecrated Torah books, swastikas sprayed on the arc, on the stage where people pray on, dozens of swastikas. I hate to think what the perpetrators could do to other people. What has been done to the synagogue is a dark day, not only to residents of Petah Tikva, but also to the county and for all Jews", added Pelhaimer.
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