Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lakewood - News Tidbits 5/3/06

Chateau Grand APP: The Chateau Grand will be demolished to make room for another town house community on Route 9.The Planning Board recently approved a developer's proposal to raze the building and replace it with 66 town houses and a community center. Kevin Kielt, Lakewood's planning and engineering administrator, said today that the board and the developer agreed to keep the neighborhood at least 100 feet away from Route 9....... ------------------------------------------------------------- Urban Enterprise Zone APP: The state may decide this month to release nearly $600,000 in funding for the township's Urban Enterprise Zone.The funding freeze, in place since an audit earlier this year discovered some irregularities with a program vendor, could be lifted in the next two weeks, said Russell K. Corby, executive director of the Lakewood Development Corp., which oversees the UEZ.Corby told board members at this week's LDC meeting that he is confident the money will be released.........
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