Monday, May 01, 2006

Two Arizona Shuls to merge

JNGF: In the spirit of Mimouna - a Sephardic celebration of friendship and togetherness that falls after Passover - the Valley's two Sephardic congregations formally announced their unification April 23 at Har Zion Congregation in Scottsdale.The new entity is The Sephardic Cultural Center...... "This is extremely exciting to be united as one Sephardic community," Jacky Sebag told the approximately 70 people in the room. "We owe this to our families and our children."Sebag was a founder of The Sephardic Community of Arizona five years ago. Soon after the organization started a synagogue, Ohr Chaim, in 2003, some members split off to form the Scottsdale Sepharadic Synagogue (Shirat David).Leaders of the two synagogues met in December and decided to reunite.......
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