Monday, May 01, 2006

Israeli population update

On the eve of Israel's 58th Independence Day, the Israeli population stands at around 7,026,000 inhabitants – compared to 806,000 residents who lived in Israel in 1948, according Central Bureau of Statistics data.The data also shows that 5.639 millions are "Jews and others", which constitute 80 percent of the population. 5,333,000 of them are Jews (76 percent) and 306,000 (4 percent) "others" who are actually new immigrants and their families who are not registered as Jews in the Interior Ministry. The Arab population numbers 1.387 million, which is about 20 percent of the Israeli population. In the past year the Israeli population has grown by 118,000 people. The majority of the increase (104,000) is due to natural births (births versus deaths). During this one year period some 138,000 births were recorded in Israel. During that same period, 21,000 new immigrants made aliyah to Israel.
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