Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Peace process??

Arutzsheva: A navy patrol boat on a routine mission off the Gaza coast spotted three suspicious vessels on the Israel-Egypt border crossing into waters declared off limits by the IDF.As the patrol boat began to chase the boats in an effort to seize them, the vessels deliberately sailed into waters crowded with Arab fishing boats from Gaza. The commander of the patrol boat then decided not to open fire on the suspect vessels in order to avoid the possibility of hitting a fishing boat.The vessels subsequently escaped, but not before dumping their cargo into the ocean.The patrol boat recorded the spot, and the navy returned, this time with a robot capable of diving 32 meters below the surface, in order to determine exactly what was dumped overboard.The robot discovered sacks of powder. A specimen was taken, revealing explosives. The sacks, eleven in total, were finally recovered Tuesday by navy divers. A gag order prevented the media from covering the story until Tuesday afternoon.The explosives recovered weighed 550 kilograms (0.6 tons), enough to cause widespread damage and loss of life, had the material reached the hands of Arab terrorists in Gaza.
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