Tuesday, May 09, 2006

$25 Million check UPDATE

APP: As Solomon Dwek repeatedly promised to pay PNC Bank for what it says was a $25.2 million bounced check, the real estate mogul attempted to transfer at least $40 million in properties, most to an apparent relative, according to public records. Only 11 of 53 transfers went through, and they are in jeopardy because of an order issued by Superior Court Judge Alexander D. Lehrer that froze Dwek's assets until at least Friday. The judge will hold a hearing then to determine the future of Dwek's holdings. PNC Bank said Dwek owes it $20 million for the April 24 bounced check, and the bank had asked for Dwek's assets to be frozen until it's paid. The bank wanted to settle the matter without going to court, but Dwek, 33, of Ocean Township, missed two meetings on May 3 with PNC attorney Dennis Kearney, the lawyer told the judge last week. But beginning May 1, two days before the meeting, the clerks' offices of Ocean and Monmouth counties began to receive the first of what would be dozens of legal notices stating that various Dwek properties would be sold, primarily to a Joseph Dwek. Solomon Dwek has an uncle named Joseph Dwek who owns a summer home in Ocean Township and lives in Brooklyn. Joseph Dwek declined comment yesterday. In all, public records show Solomon Dwek, his wife Pearl, or his companies attempted to transfer 53 Monmouth County properties, most of which had been bought since 2004, for a combined $40.5 million. Solomon Dwek had given five of the properties to his wife in March and April for $1 each.
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