Monday, May 08, 2006

Non-kosher meat?

Haaretz: The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court on Sunday sentenced for six months in jail a kosher inspector convicted of assisting meat importers to smuggle and import non-kosher meat into Israel. At the time of committing the offense Aharon Rabinowitz, 56, was a slaughterhouse inspector for the Chief Rabbinate and was in charge over the inspection of imported kosher meat. The court convicted him of stealing kosher certificates from the rabbinate and selling them to meat importers, thus allowing them to bring into Israel non-kosher meat and selling it as kosher meat. The court ruled that in 1996 Rabinowitz allowed the importation of the uncertified meat as kosher and as having been slaughtered by butchers certified by the Chief Rabbinate in Israel. But the meat was actually imported without the required supervision, with fake and stolen certificates used by importers to bring into Israel large quantities of meat.
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