Monday, May 08, 2006

Chicago has a Simcha

(Via email from a Chicago reader) ST: There were new Converse sneakers among the bewigged Orthodox Jewish women, and Chicago White Sox baseball caps among the black-hatted Orthodox men who paraded down Touhy Avenue on Sunday......They danced to klezmer music, sang and shouted mazel tov as they surrounded a century-old Sefer Torah from Belarus that has been in one family for seven generations. Hundreds took to the street to carry the holy scroll from Rabbi Zev Cohen's house to a new, expanded synagogue at 3050 W. Touhy: Congregation Adas Yeshurun Anshe Kanesses Israel. It had been located one block east. Orthodox leaders say the expansion is evidence of the vibrancy of their community. One of the world's most prominent Orthodox rabbis, Mattisyahu Salomon, traveled from New Jersey's so-called Harvard of higher Jewish scholarship -- Beth Medrash Govoha -- to help move the Torah to a 131-year-old Holy Ark inside the synagogue. The Holy Ark, a sacred cabinet, dates to an 1875 Maxwell Street congregation........
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