Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Monsey Internet Asifa

The 'Monsey Internet Asifa' took place last night. It was attended by numerous Rabbonim, & sponsored by all Monsey Yeshivos. In a brief recap: R' Ephrayim Waxman spoke about the dangers that the internet can have. He also defended the idea of an "Internet Ban". He then stated that it's not really a total ban, just a ban at home; since people can still have it at work. He then went on to say a story about a Rov who gave a Drasha and some guy didn't like it, so he posted it on a blog [which soon had a few hundred comments!!] R' Mattisyahu Soloman Shlita spoke about the dangers of porn & blogs (science blogs?) on the internet...He asked everyone to have Emunah in the Gedolim & should enforce the Internet Ban by not allowing any children into schools which have the internet in their homes. Also some person who seemed to know alot about the internet and computers spoke. He pretty much educated the public on how kids can get around different blocks. He also gave a statistic that Yeshiva boys are more likely to talk to strangers on the internet. ---------------------------------------------------------- Need some practical advice? I would like to suggest to those that want to protect their children (and themselves) but must have the internet (I think we all agree that if you don't NEED it - your better off without it) a FREE filter that I have found to be effective. It's called K9 web protection. CLICK HERE to download it. It's both simple, & FREE! You can set it as high as you want. It also has a setting which shuts down the internet if a certain number of attempts to circumvent the filter are made in a short time period. For your own web protection its a good idea to have someone else (your wife etc.) set the password for you so that you need to call them if and when you need to override the filter.