Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tehillim saves life!!

WND: Amid the aftermath of the Palestinian suicide attack today that killed nine comes news of a miracle as a rabbi's life reportedly was spared when a book of Psalms held in a pocket next to his heart was ripped in two by a piece of shrapnel. Chabad Rabbi Avishai Batshvilli and his wife were among the people at a crowded fast food stand near Tel Aviv's old central bus station when a suicide bomber blew himself up as Israelis celebrated the fifth day of the Passover holiday. Along with the dead, more than 60 were wounded, at least 10 of them seriously. The same restaurant was hit by a suicide attack in January, wounding 20. The rabbi's son-in-law....told the Israeli news site his father-in-law was saved by a "big miracle." He had a small book of Psalms in his shirt pocket next to his heart. One of the (pieces of) shrapnel penetrated his jacket and hit the book of Psalms tearing it in two," said Rabbi Avraham Alashvilli. "I am now holding this book of Psalms, it's unbelievable, this fragment could have entered his body, Heaven forbid. Indeed a very big miracle occurred.......
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