Sunday, April 16, 2006

El Al News.

Ynet: An era has come to en end: Civil servants, who were until today required to fly only with the El Al airline, will from now on be able to go abroad with other companies as well. In the framework of a reform instigated by the Finance Ministry, expected to save the country up to NIS 10 million (about USD 2 million) a year, flights of state employees abroad will be opened for competition between all the airlines operating in the country. In addition, the automatic preference granted to El Al over other companies will be annulled, and the State will begin enforcing the ban on the accumulation of frequent flyer points by its employees. The ministry has recently signed an agreement with El Al stipulating the benefits and services the airline will provide state officials flying with it. Agreements with the other airlines are to be signed in the near future, once negotiations are completed........... ----------------------------------------------------- Haaretz: For the first time in its history, the national air carrier El Al has decided to buy Airbus jets, snubbing its traditional supplier, Boeing. The Marker has learned that a delegation of high-level Airbus executives is about to sign a contract and financing arrangements with the heads of the Israeli airline.....According to the plan drafted last week in the secret meetings, El Al will buy eight A-330 Airbus aircraft, which will replace Boeing 767 passenger jets. The deal, including spare parts, is estimated at $500 million......
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