Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Satmar Rebbe - Funeral UPDATED

(The Funeral - 'Play by Play') The funeral got underway at 11:00 pm. All sons and sons-in laws spoke except for the son in law from Montreal since he couldn't make it in time. When Reb Aron T. tried to enter the Rodney Street Shul he was prevented from doing so. There was alot of pushing and screaming at him. The NYPD had it under control pretty quickly. At 1:30 am the funeral procession left Williamsburg and proceeded to Kiryas Joel for the funeral and the burial. They stopped at the Sloatsburg Rest Area on the NYS Thruway for a few minutes so the the Viznitz Rebbe (Monsey Division) can be melava the niftar. The funeral arrived at Kiryas Joel at 3;30 am. The son-in law from Montreal spoke, then Dayen Friedman and then Dayen Berkowitz (Kiryas Joel) spoke. Then Dayen Tirnauer from Montreal spoke and that's when the problem started. It was originally made up that only one grandchild from Aron's and Zalmen Leib's families were supposed to speak but since Zalman Leibs son (Chaim Hirsh) was in Israel and not coming they felt that Aron's son (Mendle) should not speak either so that's when it turned into a ..FIGHT!!!..FIGHT!!!..FIGHT!!!.. It seems that the Rebbe's Gabbai (AKA: "Moshe Gabbai") was behind this. The crowd started getting very rowdy. Then someone grabbed the mike yelled "BREAK HIS BONES (Moshe Gabbai)...DON'T LET HIM OUT OF THE BUILDING ALIVE"!!!... Then heads started to roll. The cops were called in to break up the riot. They then proceeded to move towards the cemetery for the burial. 7 police horses blocked off the entrance to the cemetery, only allowing the family in for the burial..... Noone knows where they will be sitting the Shiva. (undisclosed location?) For related articles worlwide: WNBC: INN: SlIVE: Jpost: NYTimes: ROL: NY1: Newsday: Forbes: TGAM: WSJ: NYSun: NYPost: DailyNews: MN: Reuters: Chron: CD: WCBSTV: OregonLive: WHOTV: LATimes: ABCLocal: WCBS880: 1010WINS: Arutzsheva: WNYC: CNN: KFMB: PG: JTA: NBC6: Scotsman:
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