Monday, April 24, 2006

Egypt Bombings worry Hatzolah Israel

At least three reported blasts were reported in the Sinai Peninsula. Reports of over 100 casualties. There are unconfirmed reports of Israelis among casualties; people are frantically trying to flee. My contact in Hatzolah Israel has just informed me that due to the fact that there are reportedly hundreds of Yeshiva Bochurim currently touring the Sinai, the Eilat Division of Hatzolah Israel are in close contact with the Egyptian authorities and will be heading across the border as soon as they are requested to do so. [FYI - there is a mutual aid agreement between Hatzolah Israel, the American's and the Egyptian Government]. -------------------------------------------------------- On a seprate note, Hatzolah Israel had one of it's Motorcycles stolen from the Rechovot district this morning. It was a fully equipt unit which costs in the area of $18,000. They are in dire need of a new one. Please contact Hatzolah Israel, or email (Click HERE to view a picture of a Hatzolah Israel motorcycle.)
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