Monday, April 24, 2006

Jewish Burial instruction manual

FJC: The Jewish community of S. Petersburg, through a joint initiative with the ‘Akademicheskiy Proekt’ Publishing House, has published a new edition of Ishaya Gisser’s book “Jewish burial, mourning and commemoration traditions”. Edited by Moshe Treskunov, this publication was approved by the Chief Rabbi of S. Petersburg, Menachem Mendel Pewzner, and contains an introductory address he has written.The book is designed to meet the educational and interest needs of Jews in S. Petersburg, as well as to satisfy the demand for a detailed reference book that, aside from citing Jewish laws and prayers, includes full information about arranging burials in accordance with Jewish laws.The book, whose cover design features a fragment of a painting by Mark Chagall, will be available for purchase in local bookstores and at the ‘Kosher’ Store operated out of the Great Choral Synagogue........
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