Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mordy Tendler - Part 12

In regard to THIS post (Mordy Tendler deciding NOT to go to Bais Din, but rather to Court), Kehillas New Hempstead [aka KNH] has decided to take Mordy Tendler to Bais Din. NHN: ..........The Bais Din was The Bais Din Tzeddik Orchos Mishpot, one of the most influential Bais Din's in the United States.Here is a loose translation of the last paragraph of the Hazmana "In as much as the Plaintiffs have come with an assertion that you have taken them to secular court, and it well known that it is a severe matter to take any Jew to secular courts as is stated in the Shulchan Arukh, Choshen Mishpat §26 that one who goes to non-Jewish courts is a wicked person (rasha) who raises his hand against the Torah of Moses and it is proper to excommunicate and shun such a person (see ad loc). Therefore the Beth Din directs that you immediately and without delay withdraw all that you have initiated in the secular court against these plaintiff’s."The Hazmana also requests the Bais Din to barr MT from the building of KNH!.........
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