Thursday, April 06, 2006

Boro Park Riots - Part 6

All of these sites are just repeating the same story, so feel free to browse through the links... NYPost: Slive: ABC: NYTimes: Forbes: Foxnews: NYSun: Israelinsider: Dailynews: LATimes: Click HERE to see a video interview with Mr. Arthur Schick. ---------------------------------------------------------- "Boro Park Goes Meshuggeneh" Dailynews: There is no place in New York City for the type of hooliganism that swept Borough Park, Brooklyn, on Tuesday night on the false rumor that police had brutalized an elderly member of the largely Hasidic community. Neither is there any place for cries of "Nazi Germany! Nazi Germany!" - which not only is a shameful insult to the NYPD, but also an obscene trivialization of history. In the streets of Borough Park, fires were set, one patrol car was trashed and another was set ablaze. Abominable conduct under any circumstances, and attempts to justify it by alleging police insensitivity do a terrible disservice to the city. Several community leaders stepped forward yesterday to acknowledge that the police did, indeed, handle a hot-button situation with cool heads. But attributing the disturbance primarily to kids who had a holiday from school is not an excuse.To be sure, this was not a riot. If you look closely at photographs of the crowds watching the fires, you will notice that many are standing around casually, and they are smiling, as if they were at a marshmallow roast. These are not rampaging masses requiring aggressive police response. In fact, the cops deserve thanks. It is they who were slandered and assaulted after the lie was spread that they beat an elderly motorist who had been talking on a cell phone and refused to give a patrol car the right of way. Arrested he was; beaten he was not. Into the mix yesterday came yet another instigation: Councilman Simcha Felder claiming to have been an earwitness to Chief of Department Joseph Esposito's saying, "Get these f-----g Jews out of here" while attempting to clear the crowd. Esposito insists he said, "Get these f-----g people out of here," and he acknowledged that the vulgarity was inappropriate. In these quarters, he gets the benefit of the doubt. If anything, the people of Borough Park should be thanking the 66th Precinct for making their neighborhood far safer. Over the past two years, crime there is down by 18%; over five years, by 27%, and over the last 13 years, it has decreased by an astounding 77%. Repeat, 77%. Such results are not produced by a force that has no respect for the community, its religion or traditions.
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