Thursday, April 06, 2006

Churches to hold Pesach Seder??

"RASHAH MA HU OMER??!!" Mlive: It's one of Judaism's many evocative and long-lived traditions, a ritual meal that recalls the way God delivered the Jewish people from slavery in ancient Egypt. But some Christian churches are putting their own stamp on the Seder. A number of area churches will serve Seder meals this pre-Easter season leading up to the Jewish Passover (Good Friday for Christians), the traditional time for the Seder. "It's a growing thing," said the Rev. David Krueger, pastor of Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church, 7399 Miller Road, Swartz Creek. "More and more churches are doing it." Hope will play host to a three-hour Seder for churchgoers and the public Sunday that will head in a nontraditional direction, showing what Krueger calls parallels between the Jewish ritual and the death of Jesus. "There are a lot of strong parallels," Krueger said. "They are not just chance things; they are something set up by God and put in the Jewish ceremonies and festivals to point
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