Monday, April 24, 2006

Israeli Airline News 4/24/06

Arutzsheva: El Al: El Al Airlines is installing self-service check-in counters at Ben Gurion Airport, to be operational beginning in May. The self-service counters will be operated using one’s credit card and passport. The goal is to eliminate the experience of waiting in line to be assigned a seat prior to boarding.According to El Al CEO Chaim Romano, the service will enable passengers to pick their own seats on the plane. Romano told Globes that more than 100 passengers a day already use El Al’s web-based Internet check-in, receiving promotional coupons for duty-free shops and vouchers for a cup of coffee. The coupons are intended to encourage the public to use the service, which reduces the number of passengers waiting in regular check-in lines. Fast lanes are provided for those passengers to quickly check their luggage, saving 10 to 30 minutes of time...... Israir: Israir will begin daily flights between Tel Aviv and New York on May 1. The airline will fly five days a week, but will rest on Friday and Saturday out of respect for the Sabbath.Israir will not use wide-bodied jets along the route until early 2007, due to ongoing contractual negotiations with Boeing and Airbus. According to Israir CEO Sabina Biran, a uniform fleet purchased from a single manufacturer is desirable, as it helps reduce maintenance costs and enhances the training of flight crews. Once wide-body planes are purchased, the narrow-body aircraft will be used for European routes........
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