Monday, March 06, 2006

Permitting GAY MARRIGES??

When you have GAY RABBI'S This is what you end up with......DISGUSTING! (I'm going to go barf now....) NYTimes: In a closed-door meeting this week in an undisclosed site near Baltimore, a committee of Jewish legal experts who set policy for Conservative Judaism will consider whether to lift their movement's ban on gay rabbis and same-sex unions.In 1992, this same group, the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards, declared that Jewish law clearly prohibited commitment ceremonies for same-sex couples and the admission of openly gay people to rabbinical or cantorial schools. The vote was 19 to 3, with one abstention.Since then, Conservative Jewish leaders say, they have watched as relatives, congregation members and even fellow rabbis publicly revealed their homosexuality. Students at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City, the movement's flagship, began wearing buttons saying "Ordination Regardless of Orientation." Rabbis performed same-sex commitment ceremonies despite the ban.... --------------------------------------------------------------- In a related article: Pikenews: The UK Masorti movement has said it would never consider Jewish same sex unions, in reaction to its US equivalent considering allowing gay marriage and gay rabbis this week.American gay Jews may soon be allowed to get married and become rabbis after the Conservative Judaism movement meets this week.Previously the group, which is in the centre of Jewish thought between liberal and orthodox movements, has banned same sex marriage and gay rabbis. However, the latest move comes in reaction to rabbinical students pushing for “Ordination regardless of Orientation” and many rabbis coming out or performing same sex ceremonies despite the ban.
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