Sunday, March 05, 2006

Donald Trump chooses Orthodox?

I sure hope that Y.U. is very proud of this! Jpost: .....viewers of this week's premiere of The Apprentice IV didn't see any yarmulkes, but they did witness the debut of two Orthodox Jews on the reality television series. Daniel Brody, 31, and Lee Bienstock, 22, are both members of the "Gold Rush" team on the show featuring Donald Trump. The first episode of the show's latest season was aired last week. Their appearance on the 16-week show...has the Orthodox world abuzz..Of particular interest is how the show will portray the High Holidays, given that filming started before Rosh Hashanah and concluded at some point after Sukkot. Rumors persist that a separate kosher George Foreman grill was kept in the luxurious apartment in Trump Tower occupied by the contestants during filming. But people close to Brody and Bienstock express confidence that viewers won't see them choosing success on The Apprentice over their own religious values. "All I know is Daniel would in no way compromise the holidays or Shabbos for the show," said Brody's brother Steven, adding, "how the show's going to portray that or ignore that, I don't know." Bienstock's rabbi, Kenneth Hain of Congregation Beth Shalom on New York's Long Island, wasn't very familiar with The Apprentice, Hain told JTA that "even without this acknowledgment, he's certainly regarded as one of the fine young men in our community," adding "we wish him all the success in the world, and we're particularly proud of the fact that he is a committed Jew." Though Brody's biography on the NBC Web site details his business experience - including owning the bakery Grandma's Cookie Jar, which serves the community of his alma mater, Yeshiva University....
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