Sunday, March 12, 2006

Israeli Elction ads - Banned!

And I thought only Rabbonim get to ban things! Ynet: Central Elections Committee Chairwoman Judge Dorit Beinish banned a Shas political ad on Saturday evening, in which a place in heaven for voters of Shas was promised after their death by the party's spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. Beinish said that the broadcast constitutes banned content. She took the decision despite the fact that no petitions had been submitted against the ad. Following the decision, Shas Chairman Eli Yishai bitterly attacked the decision, and in light of Purim, even used a hinted comparison to draw parallels between Beinish and Haman (the villain in the story of Purim). "Those who silence the words of the Torah are the representatives of a world view which leans on hatred and the destruction of Judaism. I'm happy to hear that the judge believes in heaven and prevented the Israeli people from hearing the rabbi speaking about it," said Yishai. He added: "The chairwoman of the thought police bans Jewish messages without petitions being made against them, and these are anti-Jewish things from the school of Shinui, which suit the 1930s. I am pained by the fact that in the state of Jews there are those seeking to censor, destroy, and lose the words of the Torah, and the Israeli people will not give a helping hand to this. Shas voters won't bow down to the judge, and that's why Rabbi Ovadia is saying again that those who vote for Shas will see heaven." ---------------------------------------------------------- ArutzSheva: The Supreme Court ruled Sunday against a petition by the Shinui party, supporting the decision of the Central Election Committee disqualifying the party's election infomercial which showed stereotypical hareidi religious Jews dragging down a secular Jew. Central Election Committee chair, Justice Dorit Beinish disqualified the campaign ad, which depicted hareidi ultra-Orthodox Jews in a derogatory fashion to an extreme that some referred to it as “anti-Semitic.”Chief Justice Aaron Barak stated the commercial was an affront to basic human dignity and was therefore rightfully disqualified. Before the High Court handed down its decision, Barak recommended to Shinui officials that they drop the petition.
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