Thursday, March 09, 2006

Rabbi to visit Mosque

ADNKI: Rome's chief rabbi will make a historic visit the main mosque in the Italian capital next Monday in a move which has required lengthy negotiations between Jewish and Muslim leaders. Riccardo Di Segni will be the first chief rabbi in Rome to visit a mosque. The rabbi is scheduled to meet with Abdellah Redouane, the secretary general of the Islamic cultural centre, and Mario Scialoja, Italy's president of the Muslim world league.The visit is aimed at "bringing our solidarity to the mosque of Rome" in the wake of offensive Danish cartoons satirising the Prophet Mohammed published by papers in European countries including Italy, the spokesman of Rome's Jewish community Riccardo Pacifici told Adnkronos International (AKI) on Wednesday.Talks between the two communities to arrange the visit have been going on for many weeks and Di Segni, a 56-year-old radiologist, had already expressed "solidarity to the Muslim world" and "condemnation of any form of violence" after an Italian minister had worn a T-shirt with the caricature of the Prophet on state television.....
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