Thursday, March 09, 2006

Yeshiva Toras Chemed - UPDATE

Recordonline: A would-be yeshiva is asking the town's permission to use trailers temporarily at the former The Inn at Chester - a practice currently forbidden by court-ordered injunction.Westchester-based Yeshiva Toras Chemed, which bought the motel on Route 17M six months ago, initially promised that the eight trailers would be used as construction offices.The design of the trailers, as well as their use by students, however, indicated that the yeshiva intended to skirt planning oversight, town officials said.The town successfully sought an injunction against the group.Chastened by the injunction, the yeshiva changed attorneys, removed all its students from the site and promised to come back with a more forthright proposal.The Town Board is expected to lay out the details of the conditions for the trailers' use as part of a settlement of the injunction by next month.
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