Thursday, March 30, 2006

Creep of the week

Some website has called Rabbi Batzri "The Creep of The Week": Wow, is there anything horrible that gays are not responsible for?When it comes to religious extremists, the answer is apparently not.We have been blamed for the Sept. 11 attacks, Hurricane Katrina, Liza Minnelli's divorce and now, of all things, bird flu.Soon we'll be blamed for global warming and poverty. At least, as soon as right-wing religious extremists consider those things problems.In the meantime, it's bird flu, which is God's punishment for gay marriage according to Rabbi David Basri, a prominent Kabbalah leader (yes, that's the religion of Madonna and Britney Spears - at least back when Spears was trying to emulate the elder pop star. Now, instead of seeking to become the next Queen of Pop, she seems to be aspiring to something more along the lines of McClean County Fair Queen)."The Bible says that God punishes depravity first through plagues against animals and then in people," Basri declared in a religious edict according to Reuters.....
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