Thursday, May 18, 2006

Rabbi Metzger to be removed?

Arutzsheva: After Attorney General Menachem Mazuz closed the case against Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger; it appears that the process to remove him from office will continue.Justice Minister Chaim Ramon in the coming weeks has signaled he will continue the process to remove the rabbi from office, after he was linked to an investigation during which he allegedly receive free hotel services. Despite the attorney general’s decision, explaining there was insufficient evidence to support a criminal indictment; Mazuz has called upon Metzger to step down from his post. In his report, Mazuz stated Rabbi Metzger lied to him and to police investigators, and changed his version of events a number of times. In his capacity as head of the committee responsible for selecting rabbinical judges, Ramon will work towards ousting Metzger from his senior post.
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