Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Conversation in Satmer overheard

A Yeshivaworld reader emailed me that he was in Satmar this evening, and overheard a conversation taking place. This is what he heard: There were two Satmar Chasidim in The Monsey Satmar Shul talking. One of them, was Chesky Tirnuar, Rabbi Moshe Menachem Tirnuar's son. Chesky said he just saw the article from the Jpost and faxed it to his father. His father told him he never told people to organize a protest, nor did he say people should protest Rav Shteinman's visit. ALL he said during a gemara shuir was something negative about "Rav Shteinman and the Tzionim". Chesky Tirnuar also said this is Niturei Karta organizing a protest and they can't get more than 100 people to come; similar to the protest in Monsey last year that didnt have more than 50 people. It's just that Niturei Karta give stories to the media and Jpost to make a big deal about it. [He was asked if this can be made public, (Ex: Yeshivaworld) and he said he doesn't have a problem with that as long as I understand his father doesn't support rav steinman.]
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