Saturday, May 20, 2006

Gedolim trip 2006 - Part 9

Shabbos in Monsey: Reb Shteinman Shlita arrived in monsey at approximately 4:00 pm on Friday afternoon. He immediately had a Minyan for Mincha. Kabolas Shabbos was at 8:10 followed by Maariv at 9:10. There was a "packed-house" by Maariv and everyone had a chance to wish him a Good Shabbos; and many had the chance to ask for personal brachos as well. Shabbos morning he Davened at Netz, and Shachris started at 4:40 am; again with a "packed-house". There was a Kabolas Ponim at 1:30 pm which he met with people. Mincha was at 6:00 pm and everyone was singing "Yomim" on the way from the guest house that he was staying in, to the main house. There were a group of about 15 neturei karta people, that were screaming "nachal chardei... Tzioni...". A police officer passing the area, saw a protest and stopped by and spoke with the owner of the house, and he said as long as none of the protesters enter his property, he doesn't really care.There were 4 police officers, and one of them was recording the entire incident. Nothing happened. After an hour of yelling on top of their lungs they left singing "b'derech hatorah neilech vkadash esshem shomayim". At 7:30 there was another Kabolas Ponim for people to get brachos and meet with him. At 8:30 there was a Chumash Shiur followed by Maariv at 9:30. [The info on the Gerrer Rebbe's Shabbos in Toronto will be posted later.]
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