Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Gedolim trip 2006 - Part 3

There were some major changes in the Gerrer Rebbe's plans to visit Montreal. Apparently, the Satmar community threatened to stage a protest against the Gerrer Rebbe and R' Shteinman Shlita [since they acknowledge an Israeli Government]. Satmar had 40 charter busses coming from Monroe to Montreal. They have hence decided to CANCEL their visit to Montreal. The Montreal community is stunned, shocked and broken hearted. There has been preparations ongoing for weeks to welcome these two Gedolim from Israel. In the words of a gentleman who emailed me: "as you can imagine the whole world bleeds, especially locally where kids women and fathers have built up so much excitement for this historic event. We all hope in the long run this will be remembered as a good decision but it is impossible to bear the pain for the moment; that we caved for these miserable animals. LAKEWOOD: HEADS UP!! [STAY TUNED]
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