Monday, May 15, 2006

Gedolim trip 2006 - Part 2

R' Shteinman Shlita and the Gerrer Rebbe arrived in Los Angeles on Sunday evening at 7:15 pm on a British Airways flight from London. They were picked up on the tarmac by private cars, arranged by and driven by Police Chaplin Chaim Kolodny (who is a Gerrer Chosid). R' Shteinman is staying at R' Yaakov Krause, Menahel of Yeshiva Toras Emes and Rov of Young Isreal of Hancock Park The Gerrer is staying at the home of Yossi Naiman. On Monday morning after the 'Neitz Minyan' R Shteinman Shlita will be Sandek at a Bris while the Gerrer Rebbe will be sandek at (Police Chaplain) Chaim Kolodny's son's bris at 10:00 am. At 12:00 pm is an asifa at Yeshiva Gedolah for all the boys from every high school in Los Angeles. At 1:00 pm at Moshe Ganz hall there is an asifa for all elementary School boys. The Gerrer Rebbe will be visiting a few people after that. Then at the Universal Hilton is a meeting with R' Shteinman Shlita and the Gerrer Rebbe with all Mechanchim and Melamdim; followed by a meeting with all Rabonim in the Greater Los Angeles area. At 7:30 pm there will be Mincha at the Hilton followed by the main Asifa. The guest speaker is Rav Osher Weiss. Following the Asifa will be Maariv. NOTE: Thanks to all those that emailed with details.
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