Saturday, April 29, 2006

Satmar - Shabbos Update

NY1: The dueling sons of the late Satmar Hasidic leader managed to keep their battle at bay for the Sabbath, holding separate services in Brooklyn. Younger brother Zalman Teitelbaum held his service at the main Satmar synagogue in Williamsburg. His older brother, Aaron, lead a tent service at a baseball field just blocks away. Thousands of followers attended both services. Both sides say their leader is the true heir, though a rabbinical court named Zalman the successor to his father. "Rabbi Aaron is not accepting it,” said Zalman Teitelbaum’s spokesperson Martin Kaham. “By coming down, busing people from Upstate, you don't become a grand rabbi. You can call yourself a grand rabbi, we wish you very well with whatever you do, but this doesn't make, doesn't do anything." "It's just short-term. Everybody knows our rabbi, you'll see, he's actually going to be here a lot and he's going to lead the congregation here," said a support of Aaron Teitelbaum. Senator Hillary Clinton paid a Shiva call to the homes of both brothers Friday, visiting with Satmar followers and remembering Moses Teitelbaum......
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