Thursday, April 27, 2006

Knesset becomes Un-pure

Jpost: First, Jews of the priestly class were instructed to veer left after a cave housing centuries-old ancient graves was uncovered underneath the city's main north-south road. Next, work on Jerusalem's Museum of Tolerance was abruptly stopped after an ancient Muslim cemetery was found on the site, and Islamic leaders petitioned the High Court of Justice against the construction. Now, the discovery of Second Temple period graves during a three-year expansion project at the Knesset has set off a ruckus among religious Kohanim MKs concerned with violating ancient Jewish law......After consulting with religious authorities, it was decided to build the new NIS 200 million complex around the burial cave and not on top of it in order not to desecrate the site. But then Shas MK Yitzhak Cohen - one of at least six parliamentarians who are cohenim - pointed out that the windows of the new building complex looked out on the burial cave, which, he averred, would contaminate the building every time someone opened a window due to the wind....In the meantime, the Knesset windows in the newly- built wing will be sealed to prevent any exposure to the impure winds from the adjacent burial cave.....
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