Thursday, April 27, 2006

London Anti-semitism

IR: A Rabbi has slammed yobs who taunted residents heading to a synagogue, saying that the Jewish community will overcome the tormentors.Aryeh Sufrin spoke out after an Orthodox jew was subjected to racial abuse from a group of youngsters as he walked to the Chabad Centre, Gants Hill.Police will patrol the area on the Eastern Avenue at key times, but Rabbi Sufrin said while the incidents are serious, the Jewish community are rising above them.He said: "All incidents like this are a cause for concern, but we don't want to be scaremongers."If we continue to pursue the good relations that we have with the council, race relations board and police, then we can beat these people."We're fortunate to have peace and harmony here, but it may take some more work in schools for example, to make sure children have a better understanding of different faiths."
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