Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Antwerp - Stolen Sifrei Torah

DV: Another wave of sifrei Torah thefts has struck Antwerp....Two sifrei Torah stolen a few months ago were miraculously found in Russia, one at a border crossing and the other when an unknown figure tried to sell it to a rov in the beginning of this month another sefer Torah was stolen. After failing to break into the large aron kodesh at the Osten Beis Medrash the thief took two sifrei Torah from a side room. Afterwards he tried to break into the aron kodesh in the beis knesses, but again was unsuccessful. Lemaan Teida reports the thief made a phone call threatening to steal more sifrei Torah unless he was given money. In the meantime he broke into the Vishnitz Beis Medrash and ran off with the tzedokoh box after the watchman spotted him. According to the report the kehilloh has a picture of the thief, but does not want to involve police in the matter.
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