Wednesday, April 05, 2006

'Rabbi' quits Democratic Party

MND: For years now, the American political landscape has slowly been swinging to the right. Even the moderate or centrist these days leans slightly to the right on many issues. The hard-left liberals of the world believe there is an evil Evangelical agenda, even conspiracy in some circles, that is taking America down an irrevocable path towards an intolerant and less democratic society.In the Jewish Week, Rabbi Bruce Dollin, who runs a fairly liberal congregation in Boulder, Colarado, tells why he left the Democratic party and aligned himself with the Republicans. In recent years, I have reevaluated my political identity and found myself very confused. For disillusioned Democrats, Rabbi Dollin’s story is an inspiration. He explains the reluctance and ambiguity that goes into the hard work of political upheaval. He gives insight into reconciling very liberal causes such as poverty and the envionment with the blatant conservatism of Bush.Rabbi Dollin said, “I still hate war and have a hard time taking an inarticulate president seriously,” but he made the switch because liberals were not hard on the Lewinsky scandal, the War on Terror, and, conversely, are hard on Israel......
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