Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Yidden on Motorcycles

Rabbi "Zigzag" seen putting on his Tefillin! CJN: The Yidden on Wheels Motorcycle Touring Company will be hitting the road once again to commemorate the Holocaust as part of the “Paper Clip Ride to Remember 2006” next week. About 350 Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance (JMA) members from Canada, the United States and Australia will ride to the Whitwell Middle School in Whitwell, Tenn. on May 5 to honour the staff and students who collected millions of paper clips to build a children’s Holocaust memorial at the school.... After the official presentation ceremony at the school on May 5, the bikers will ride back to Chattanooga for a Shabbat banquet at the Chattanooga Clarion. The trip will conclude with Saturday morning services on May 6 conducted by the the “official” JMA Rabbi Zachery Betesh, or Rabbi Zigzag, as he is affectionately called, from the Florida-based King David Biker gang. “We hope to let the world know that we remember the victims that perished in the Holocaust and to honour these wonderful people. We also hope to dispel stereotypes [of small-town people] and foster a sense of awareness among members of Jewish communities about what we’re doing......
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