Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Skinheads threaten Yeshiva Bochur

USCJ: A group of neo-Nazis gathered outside Kiev's Brodsky synagogue on March 22, where they threatened and insulted a yeshiva student, according to a March 22, 2006 report by the MIG news agency, which covers Ukraine. The brazen incident took place at noon in front of numerous witnesses, and comes just weeks after a yeshiva student was assaulted on the Kiev metro (another student at that yeshiva only recently emerged from a coma after being stabbed and beaten last summer in Kiev). The neo-Nazis surrounded the student and screamed antisemitic slogans at him, before being scared off by the police. Police detained one of the neo-Nazis, who was found in possession of an antisemitic newspaper (“Personnel Plus”) published in Kiev by the Interregional Academy of Pesonnel.
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