Wednesday, March 22, 2006


How come the Satmar Matzah Bakery isn't in their listed assets? And what about the enrite Kiryas Joel? NYSUN: Four state judges based in Brooklyn are expected to decide soon on a dispute over control of a New York real estate empire worth more than half a billion dollars. TOTAL ASSETS: Unknown, but likely more than $500 million............ KNOWN ASSETS: The Williamsburg Congregation of Satmar owns: * In Williamsburg: $339 million in 26 buildings and the land they are on. * One of those 26 buildings is an unfinished 200,000-square-foot synagogue whose building value is $40 million and land value is $15.2 million. * In Ulster County 329 acres of land worth $26 million. * 146 acres in Sullivan County worth $7.3 million. * Other congregations have holdings in Boro Park, Brooklyn, and Kiryas Joel.
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