Sunday, March 26, 2006

Say NO! to cigarette advertising

JCR: Rabbi Yaakov Weiner and Dr. Nathan Charney, oncologist, Head of Palliative Care, Sha'arei Tsedek Medical Center, Jerusalem, approached Rav Y. S. Eliyashiv, shlita, and asked for his halachic opinion concerning print media advertising of cigarettes and promoting smoking. Dr. Charney reported to him the most recent research regarding the hazards of smoking. Question: Is it permissible to advertise cigarettes or to promote smoking in the print media? Answer: R' Eliyashiv ruled that since the purpose of such an advertisement is to encourage people to engage in a halachically prohibited act, hence the ad itself becomes prohibited. This case study should not be applied as a general rule. Instead, cases should be ruled upon individually by a competent halachic authority.
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