Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Pope worried by anti-Semitism?

I just don't belive a word that comes out of the Vatician after reading this article from Haaretz!! Jpost: Pope Benedict XVI, meeting with Rome's chief rabbi Monday, expressed pain and worry over fresh outbreaks of anti-Semitism, and called on Jews and Christians to wage a united battle against hate. Waves of anti-Semitic violence and vandalism have hit Europe in the past few years. Last week, worshippers in a Moscow synagogue were attacked by a man with a knife. Benedict did not mention specific occurrences of anti-Semitism in his speech welcoming Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni to an audience at the Vatican. The rabbi led a delegation from Rome's Jewish community, one of the oldest in the world. Benedict said that Jews and Christians have the responsibility to cooperate to promote justice, love and freedom....
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