Sunday, April 23, 2006

Russian Skinheads stab Jew

Ynet: An emissary of the Union of Jewish Communities in Russia was the target of an attack by skinheads Saturday evening in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, Ynet has learned. The man, Haim Gorbov, who studies at a Safed yeshiva, returned to Ukraine as part of a Seder organized by the Union of Jewish Communities in Russia and the former Soviet Union. After Gorbov's condition improved he was released from hospital. It appears a gang of skinheads in the city sought to mark Hitler's birthday, April 20, by attacking a Jew. Dnepropetrovsk's Chief Rabbi Shmuel Kamintzky said that at first the skinheads tried to attack a group of yeshiva students in the city center, between the synagogue and the yeshiva in which they studied. They managed to escape, however, and the thugs then set upon the 20-year-old Gorbov...........
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