Friday, April 07, 2006

Open letter to Rabbi Freilich

Rabbi Freilich seen with Hat. Yanky Meyer is in his white shirt. Both men are extremley connected in the NYPD and New York State Police. This letter was received via email. Dear Rabbi Freilich, you need take a step back and pinch yourself awake.Yes, I am referring to your appearance on 1010 WINS.Is now the time to lap up to the police?How dare you go out to the media to defend Sgt. Russo and blame our children for the Tuesday night melee.You are defending the indefensible and shifting the blame to the community as if we instigated riots akin to those in Crown Heights of years ago.You are guilty of reinforcing the scornful attitude that permeates the 66th precinct and the insensitivity that they are displaying to our community. Enough alreadyAll you politicians please stop speaking in our name and cut the pandering!The cost the community pays as a whole, far outweighs the pitiful benefits in favorable treatment your influence provides. We the larger community (the regular joes) are no longer willing to pay the price for your political connections.There is no serious crime in our precinct, (to wit the cops have been off the streets of BP all day Wednesday and the crime hasn't skyrocketed) yet the cops are very high profile and in our face, constantly quacking their sirens yelling at us on their loudspeakers speeding down the streets without regard to our safety. They display blatant disrespect, stopping their squad cars to talk to each other in middle of the street crippling traffic on our avenues, daring us to beep our horns. They never pull out of the traffic lanes while writing summonses, inconveniencing all the motorists behind them. They are constantly passing red lights in non emergency situations and they are always driving while talking on their cellphones. Perhaps the well connected have some benefits from the cops and manage to obtain some favors from the precinct. However it comes at the expense of the average community resident and is just not worth the price.Furthermore due to the lack of political pressure the excessive and selective enforcement of nuisance violations has grown so blatant that the cops are just simply ticketing the truly innocent and perjuring themselves in traffic court if need be. The unusually selective parking ticket enforcement has gotten out of hand the agents are zealots anxious to fill their productivity goals, (there are no quotas) they run across two three lanes of traffic to block in motorists who are legally discharging passengers at bus stop, in the process they are endangering themselves and the drivers who must hit their brakes to avoid them. In fact two months ago a TD agent in an official car did cause an accident while trying to block somebody in to a bus stop he knocked a delivery boy off a bike at 13th Avenue and 50th Street. He blamed the Jewish driver and almost got him arrested and into serious trouble. Luckily this occurred within range of a security camera and the PD Sergeant went to view it because the shopkeeper called his attention to the fact that a video tape was available. The six squad cars that responded disappeared into thin air and the Jewish driver was spared much anguish and legal fees.However the Traffic Agent who lied to cover himself at the Jew's expense is still preying upon the innocent and his next victim may not be so lucky.In the face of some properly applied pressure the precinct will surely come around but you our dear representatives are either to timid or to selfish to apply that pressure for the benefit of the faceless masses, where you can expect nothing tangible in return. There are many details about the incident that occurred which must be properly investigated.However there are some simple and clear facts which are not in question.The fact is Sergeant Russo the arresting officer, brutalized and manhandled an elderly gentleman on 16th Ave in broad daylight, due to a perceived slight to his ego. He took umbrage that Mr. Shick did not yield the right-of-way to his squad car, while he had the turret lights on. The cell phone issue was secondary……. after all we all know, sergeants are not assigned to issue tickets for moving violations and they don't volunteer for it either.Should Mr. Shick have suffered a fatal heart attack G-D as he was being thrown around like a rag doll, would you still defend this Anti-Semite, Sergeant Russo?Sorry, but if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck………………Sixty years ago when the Nazis invaded Poland and Hungary they depended on the Judenrat to implement the confiscation of Jewish property and the ghetto confinement of the Jewish population. Their complicity did not earn them a reprieve. In the end they were placed aboard the last cattle car leaving to Auschwitz. I implore you Jewish politicians and public figures do not be their lackeys, do not serve as the Judenrat of 2006. Call them on the carpet and in the end they will respect you even more and your influence will truly grow. Our teenagers must certainly be admonished………. in Yeshivah and at home not in the media.On the other hand, the cops only get the message one way, in the public forum and under media scrutiny.There is no acceptable excuse for slurring Jews by any public official, the more decorated and veteran the official the higher the standard we shall apply.Joseph Esposito is damaged goods!In a fit of anger, he revealed his true thoughts and emotions about the Jews.Sure he has a lot of history with the community, he used the 66th precinct to build and further his career and personal ambition. Yet look how fast it all unraveled a little heat just melted his mask off and the ugly face of an Anti Semite was revealed. Community relations with the Police are vital………..not for your political photo-ops, only to further the public good. When the public interest is sacrificed on the altar of community relations with the police, we are better off having no connections with them at all. History is replete with Jews who had longtime business associates, servants and employees, who sold them out at the earliest opportunity after decades of Jewish benevolence.Once an individual has served notice to our community, what he really thinks about us. We have to be very foolish not to take heed while there is still time.It is incumbent on you, public figures, to implement a changing of the guard at the 66th precinct and if it is within your power make sure Joseph Esposito puts in his retirement papers this week.
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