Monday, April 03, 2006

Israeli Chief Rabbi should quit?

Ynet: Attorney General Menachem Mazuz ruled Monday not to indict Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger, but recommended that Metzger quit his post. The recommendation follows an investigation into the rabbi's stay at a Jerusalem hotel free of charge. Should the chief rabbi refuse to quit, Mazuz recommends that a procedure be initiated to remove Metzger from his post In his report, Mazuz accuses Metzger of lying, among other things. Although Mazuz decided not to indict the rabbi, the attorney general's report includes a scathing attack on Metzger's conduct and notes many of the versions provided by the rabbi raise doubts. "Rabbi Metzger's versions provided during his questioning, in addition to responses issued on his behalf after the affair's publication, are filled with oddities, version changes, the laying of blame on his subordinates, and at times even an avoidance of telling the truth," Mazuz wrote....
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