Sunday, March 19, 2006

Israel bird flu - Update

Jpost: The bird flu outbreak is "under control," and no shortage of poultry or eggs are expected for Pessah, the Agriculture Ministry said on Sunday. Israeli farmers raise 200 million birds for food each year - of these, 10 million turkeys and seven million egg layers. Thus the death of 12,000 from avian flu and the culling of a few hundred thousand more will not make a major dent in the poultry business, the ministry said. The ministry also issued reassurances about the safety of poultry and eggs in regulated retail stores. "There is no danger in eating poultry and eggs that were properly cooked and purchased in organized places [supervised by the veterinary authorities]. In any case, there are no sick birds in these markets, as every bird that enters is examined by a veterinarian or veterinary supervisor before it leaves the slaughterhouse," the ministry added. It also said that any household pets that are in a closed cage in the house are in no danger of infection...
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