Friday, March 31, 2006

Hatzolah Of Far Rockaway Part 2

UPDATE: [Hat tip: Orthomom] Well it seems that the Five Towns Jewish Times has thought over the fact that it published a total disgrace of an ad last week by Hatzolah of Far Rockaway bashing a local prominent Rov. They "claimed" that this Rov (whom they hate with 'Sinas Maves') told people not to call Hatzolah on Shabbos...that the Members are not Yeri Shomayim...etc... They reacted quickly and place two full page ads in the paper cursing out this Rov and defending themselves. It turned out that it was all taken WAY out of context, and seems like they used this oppurtunity to retaliate against an old time enemy. SHAME ON THEM! In any event, the editor had this to say in this weeks paper: (Click to enlarge it)

In addition to the Editors letter, Hatzolah of Far Rockaway placed this ad in the paper as well:

There also was another related incident: As Orthomom Blog reported: Apparently, a well-known and well-respected community leader was included on the letterhead of the Hatzalah ad, without his express permission. Not only did he not approve the ad, he was extremely upset at being mentioned in the ad, and publicly said as much at a community event this week. All fine.However, he then apparently sent out an e-mail, urging people to boycott the Five Towns Jewish Times, as the editor of the paper contributed to the "bizayon" of a Rabbi in our community. He has since retracted and called off his boycott of the paper.

Remember what I wrote on the last Hatzolah Post? Here is a quote from it: I would also like to know if the Hatzolah Coordinators consulted with "their" Bais Din about the two page ad that was published in the newspaper. Did they proof read it? Did they write it? Did they authorize the $3,000+ that the newspaper charges for an ad that size? Well I guess the answer is that NOONE authorized it. My guess is, that the people running Hatzolah of Far Rockaway are a bunch of "hot headed" immature people (just check the spelling mystakes on their original ad!!!) who jumped at the oppurtunity to attack this rov whom the hate so much. I hope that they go beg Mechillah from him.

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