Monday, February 27, 2006

30,000 attend French Rally

In my opinion, this tragic story has not received the media attention that it deserves. Totallyjewish: Thousands of people marched through Paris on Sunday in tribute to Ilan Halimi, whose horrific anti-semitic murder at the hands of a violent kidnap gang shocked France......Halimi, a 23-year-old mobile phone salesman, was found close to death at a train station on the outskirts of the French capital two weeks ago after going missing on 21 January. He was naked, gagged and handcuffed, and his body showed signs of the torture he endured during a three-week kidnap ordeal that began when he went on a date with a stranger. He died in an ambulance as he was being rushed to hospital.Police have been reluctant to label the killing as anti-semitic, but Interior Minister Sarkozy told reporters: “They kidnapped and murdered him because he was Jewish - in their words, the Jews have money.”
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