Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Lakewoods snow problems

APP: WHAT'S THE ISSUE? Snow plowing. A resident complained at last week's Township Committee meeting that the Public Works Department could do a better job plowing streets after winter storms. Officials defended the township, citing the difficulties of snow removal and the housing boom in Lakewood over the past decade that has added to the department's workload. WHAT DOES THE TOWN SAY? John Franklin, Lakewood's public works director, said his workers do as much as they can to plow every street quickly. The township, though, has to focus first on main thoroughfares — such as Clifton Avenue, Pine Street and portions of Squankum Road — to clear the downtown and help traffic move. "Nobody is ever happy when there's snow on the ground," Franklin said. WHAT CAN YOU DO? Committeeman Charles Cunliffe said residents could help themselves by removing vehicles, garbage cans and other obstacles from the street so plows can go "curb to curb." When residents leave obstacles, plows can not clear the entire street....... WHAT'S NEXT? Although this winter has been light on snow to date, Mayor Meir Lichtenstein commended Franklin for the job he does in keeping up with snowstorms, even as new housing developments continually add new streets each year. "The town is growing very quickly," Lichtenstein said. "John is doing his best to keep up."
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